Satisfied CommTow Clients

  • Calvin is a very strong communicator and leader. He is an absolute professional and someone you can count on to go above and beyond. His involvement in the local apartment associations has been invaluable. I enjoy working with Calvin and have the utmost respect for him as an industry leader and professional.

    Lori M. Krull - Weller Management, LLC

  • No doubt about it, people are paying attention now. My place looks much better and I get fewer complaints about late night parties on the property.

    J.R. R. – Fairway Crossings

  • I’ve been impressed by Calvin since the first day I met him. Calvin is a very smart and driven entrepreneur who wants to offer a service to his customers that no one else offers. He wants to set the standard in the industry by offering first rate customer service that is professional, customer focused and results driven. Calvin and his company CommTow, formally known as Parking Management Solutions, has been a valuable partner and supporter of the multi-family industry. I would highly recommend Calvin and CommTow to anyone.

    Christopher Koback - Regional Property Manager

  • Calvin assisted our Committe in developing the parameters of our Parking Policy. He conferred with us every step of the way and enlightened us on the State Laws that regulate his industry. Since inception of the policy, his performance has been ‘strictly by the book’.

    Alfredo E. - Mixon Fruit Farms

  • Calvin is a pleasure to do business with. His professionalism and expertise of his field made me confident in hiring CommTow for two different communities that I had managed.

     Jessica Ewing - Incore Residential

  • Our property, The Tuscany in Sarasota, worked with Calvin Hudson with CommTow. Our residents were complaining about parking issues and we needed a solution. Calvin had visited our property informing us about his company and how he could fit our needs. He is extremely helpful and gave us great advice on how to implement parking enforcement. The program is working great and our property offers residents more parking spaces. CommTow is great to work with, Calvin is friendly, professional and always available to answer questions and give advice. We have had a great experience with CommTow and with Calvin.Lindsay Sink - Property Management
  • Calvin and CommTow have been the solution to our horrible parking problem. The on time patrol of our parking lots on a daily basis gives our residents the comfort of knowing when they come home they will have a place to park. Anytime a situation arises and we have to call Calvin, he quickly resolves all issues! Thank you for all the hard work you’ve put in, it really shows! Thomas Breen - Assistant Business Manager at Alliance Residential
  • Calvin is a remarkable professional that takes a lot of pride in performing to the best of his qualifications. I have worked with very few people in the past who use the constructive and effective ways that Shelton uses to solve problems. I have witnessed how customer service is a priority for him and how he consistently surpasses the expectations the company has set on his shoulders. Calvin is a valuable asset to any business. He has my admiration and respect and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

     Shelton Odom - Property Manager | Bay Club Apartments/L'Estancia Apartments

  • Calvin is an outstanding individual as well as an extension of my community. He is Vice President of CommTow that we hired about 3 months ago….This system is the next best thing to assigned parking or really better because the parking management system also will manage vehicles with flat tires..etc…..it is a great and creative concept…my Residents love it

     Terry Thomas - Property Manager, MAA


Protecting our clients valuable property and business investments is all we do and many of our services are absolutely FREE of charge! Unauthorized people in your housing community can bring crime, drugs, vandalism and theft. Abandoned cars can be both an eyesore and safety hazard and their presence devalues the property.

Non-patrons parked at your business can restrict access for paying customers, damage landscaping, property and bring expensive legal liability. Blocked fire lanes, dumpsters or handicapped spaces are at best an inconvenience, and at worst a major safety hazard.

The law as well as your insurance company requires that you keep your property in a safe and orderly condition for your customers and/or tenants.


  • FREE Towing of illegally parked or abandoned vehicles. We come on-site and tow away these eyesores at no cost to you, our clients.
  • FREE Consultation and Training for employees, property managers and HOA/COA’s regarding towing laws and statues. Knowing the law can help you develop effective rules and avoid litigation.

  • FREE Patrol Service for your property. Our staff will identify violators and communicate problems to property managers. Would you rather your staff stay busy walking the grounds looking for expired plates and flat tires, or keeping your level of occupancy and profitability maximized?

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